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In the early days of my newspaper career, spent as a reporter at a community paper, the internet wasn't much more than a rumour that we were assured would someday change the way we lived. It was a long time coming, but the predictions have proven true.

Today, the average person under 49 spends more time on the internet than on all other media choices combined. That means that so-called "traditional media" - TV, radio, newspapers and magazines - are left to compete for an ever-shrinking piece of the consumer's non-internet media consumption. Continuing to underestimate the staying power of the internet is not a recipe for continued finacial health for the traditional powerhouses, and recent year's performance are bearing this out.

Newspapers have embraced the internet, in asmuch that most have online storefronts. But newspapers are all over the board on a long-term strategy for how to make the most of this revolutionary medium. Some newspapers have embraced a free model, with others opting for a paid model, and yet others employing a blended strategy. While we certainly have a perspective on what model is best and will ultimately prevail in the market, at MTY News Services, we aren't particularly concerned with what a newspaper's strategy is as it pertains to content access. Our solutions are intended to complement a newspaper's core competancy, driving sticky traffic with customized, integrated solutions that seek to capitalize on where the prevailing trends are taking net-surfer's eyeballs.

The old adage "You can't be everything to everyone" was a truism in in the days of a dominant print product. It couldn't be less true in the era of unlimited possibilities presented by the internet.

The internet presents a unique opportunity for newspapers to continue to dominate the local media landscape, if they'll only stop railing against what it intrinsically is. The internet is a moving, maleable and participatory medium. It is not like the traditional newspaper, and attempts to impose the framework of the traditional newspaper upon a newspaper's web presence will be met with indifference at best by the up and coming generation who are steeped in the democratic participatory aura of the broader internet.

Newspapers will rethink what it means to have a presence on the web. Those who do not do it soon risk permanent damage to their franchise, and possibly being supplanted as the 'go to' source of news and interaction with the community at large. In some places, the newspaper has already lost it's dominance of the local media landscape.

Our strategic services will grow your reach, increase your traffic and help head-off market entry by start-up competitors. Newspapers still have the upper hand in most markets - the current business environment not withstanding. Our services will help ensure that your publication makes the most of your print dominance, ensuring a seamless transition to dominance of the emerging electronic medium.


To get a free consultation specific to your site, email your contact information and newspaper's web address. There is no software to buy, or ongoing fees for use. You pay us for customization and consulting on this turnkey, open source software solution. We'll work with your existing online staff to ensure that you get the most mileage from your print brands cachet and make your website interactivity and pageviews explode. There is no obligation, and our services are guaranteed to drive your pageviews per visitor and overall traffic. Is it worth looking into?